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Will Russia end Sweden's 54 game World Junior win streak? Odds, Preview and Picks!

Russia vs Sweden - December 30th, 2020 9:30 pm ET


After watching Canada put up 20 goals a game on teams filled with future goat farmers it will be nice two finally watch two competitive hockey teams face off at the world junior tournament as Russia takes on Sweden. There is a lot more on the line than just the top spot in Group B, as Sweden still is on an incredible 54 game winning streak in the preliminary round. Add in that the Russian team doesn't get to eat if they lose a game (*unconfirmed) both teams will have a lot on the line tonight.


Russia as always is a highly skilled team who lives and dies by their quick-strike offense. Lead by Vasili Podkolzin Russia is as dangerous as ever on the counter-attack and has the players to make you pay for any open shot in the slot. The defense is a major question mark though for the Russians as they have limited talent on the back end. One person who may make you forget about Russia's defense is elite goalie prospect Yaroslav Askarov who was taken by the Nashville Predators 11th overall in the 2020 draft. Askarov has shown to be a wild card in the net but after disappointing play, last year is looking to showcase the elite goalie talent he is.


The Perennial bridesmaids are back at it again as they have kept their 54 games preliminary round win streak alive. But there is a reason the win streak is only in the preliminary round, as Sweden has shown time and time again they always trouble when we get to the elimination part of the Tournament. The 2020 team though may be their best chance since they won gold in 2012. The 2012 team was lead by high-end talents like Filip Forsberg, William Karlsson, Mika Zibanejad, and John Klingberg. The 2020 Swede's may be the first team since the 2012 team with that kind of talent, as they lead by Alexander Holtz (7th pick 2020), Lucas Raymond (4th pick 2020), Philip Broberg (8th pick 2019), and have promising goalie prospect Hugo Alnefelt in the net. With no shortage of talent, once again it's gold or bust for Sweden this year.

Best Bets

Sweden to Win (+150)

Both teams have shown they can score and are both backstopped by goalies that can take over a game, but Russia has one major weakness, and it's the d-core. Sweden has the most offensive talent it has had in years and they will just be much for Russia to handle. Trust the Swedes and their win streak to stay alive.

Noel Gunler (SWE) Anytime goal scorer (+325)

.......Do I need to say anymore? Gunler is a pure sniper and will most likely be hidden down the line up allowing him to get more positive matchups and take advantage of Russia's aggressive style of play.

Sweden Wins Exact score 4-2 (+1700)

I know it's a lockdown, and the most excitement you get in your life is when the food delivery guy shows up with your pizza. If you are feeling extra risky tonight and want to throw a bet out there that could really save your 2020, this is the one. If this one hits I will take all the credit... if it well you know... shit I think my phone is running out of battery.


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