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What's wrong with Harden? Rockets vs Thunder Postponed

There is an exciting slate of basketball tonight, but the battle between Mr.Strip Club aka James Harden and the Houston Rockets wages on!


Don't get me wrong I love a good night out at the strip club but I wouldn't recommend going to one during a worldwide pandemic, especially if you are an NBA player who sees other members of your team on a regular basis. It's obvious that James Harden wants out of Houston and to others it may look like he's doing anything in his power to not have to play another game for them. It is known that James Hardin is an avid fan of the Strip Club industry and I am in no place to judge him on what he does on his own time, but this is just a tough look.

A video of James Harden at a strip club has surfaced yet again, ahead of the Houston Rockets’ season opener against the OKC Thunder. The NBA has very strict COVID-19 guidelines and any violation would result in a suspension. The NBA is currently investigating the situation and will notify the Rockets on whether or not Harden can cook people on the court in the near future. If suspended this may heavily affect trade negotiations between other NBA teams.

Game Postponed

The NBA announced, The Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder game for tonight has been postponed as the Rockets do not have the league-required eight available players needed to proceed with the game. Three Rockets players returned tests with either positive or inclusive results for COVID-19, as a result, four other players are required to quarantine under the NBA's contact tracing protocol. As for James Harden, the league said the Rockets star is unavailable for the game "due to a violation of the Health and Safety Protocol" based on the aforementioned video, published by Black Sports Online, in which he appeared maskless at a Houston club. It's just the second day of the NBA season and a game has already been postponed due to a blatant disregard of the rules.

I'm just gonna drop gang sign Wall here as a reminder that this team can still be filthy without James Hard-on.


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