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Week 13 NFL Games Odds, Preview, and Picks!

We have reached the witching hour of the NFL Season as we are in week 13 and a bunch of NFL team's playoff hopes is going to come crashing down. The Raiders, Dolphins, and Colts are all one loss away from flushing any playoff hopes they had down the drain. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you got some terrible teams like the Bengals, Jaguars, and Jets looking to get as frisky as ever and get a big upset win to ruin someone's playoff hopes. Let's not waste any more time and get into the picks!

Cincinnati Bengals at Miami Dolphins



All Time Bengal's great and current NFL free agent Vontaze Burfict has taken his on-field physical presence to streets as he was charged with Battery on Saturday. So unfortunately both he and Joe Burrow will be out for the game on Sunday. The Bengals don't have much to play for but they continue to play hard.


The Dolphins QB situation is getting frisky at the worst time as Tua has a "thumb" injury and Fitzpatrick who played very well in the early season is just waiting to take the job fully back for the rest of the season. The defense has been impressive but the Dolphins need to figure things out in the QB room before they end up slipping out of a playoff spot.


The Bengals are frisky right now just trying to ruin playoff teams' hopes but one of their two touchdowns last week was a 103-yard kick-off return. The Bengals offense is not something you can trust and the Dolphins are getting their starting RB back this week in Myles Gaskin. Look for the Dolphins to pull away and take this one big.

Dolphins +10.5 (-110)

Cleveland Browns at Tennesse Titans



The Browns on paper are 8-3 but in reality, most people are still treating them like they are a middle of the pack .500 team, and well as a Browns fan you can't really complain when you only beat the Jacksonville Jaguars by 2 points. The Browns who are dealing with a lot of injuries will be getting a big boost for this big game with the return of Myles Garret from his battle with Coivd-19


The Titans behind the power running of the human transport truck Derrick Henry are getting into full playoff football mode as they destroyed the Colts last week. Will the Titans defense ever show up? The majority of the problems are due to the pass rush but with Clowney is on IR and Jeffery Simmons questionable, things might only get worse in this one.


These are two teams competing for respect as the winner of this game will not only be 9-3 on the season but also people might start treating them like they are actually a legitimately good team. The Browns linebacking core and safties are some of the worst in the league and not even a healthy Myles Garret will be able to save them from Derrick Henry. All the pressure will be the Browns run game and Baker Mayfield to put points and even against the Titans defense I don't trust Baker.

Titans -4.5 (-115)

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears



The Lions finally did it... they fired Matt Patricia. Another year of Matthew Stafford being left alone on a terrible roster. The Lions will most likely be without both Golladay and Swift in this game. So look for the Lions' whole offense to continue to be Stafford to just play catch in the back yard with TJ Hockenson. With Patricia gone, it's not like the defense can get worse right?


Just think the Bears were 5 and 1 at one point in the season. Most people knew it was a fluke record but like the Bears have taken it to new levels of disappointment with the losses they have had. Trubisky is back and I mean he didn't look terrible last week.


The Lions have almost no one playing this week and are only 3 point dogs on the road... that's just how bad the Bears have been. The Bears defense should get Hicks back this week and that alone I think is enough for the Bears to limit the Lions' offense. The Bears get back in the Win column.

Bears -3 (-115)

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans



The Colts looked like a wheat field last week as Tracktorcito Derrick Henry plowed then almost single handily. On a positive note, DeForest Buckner and has been a terror on the defensive line. Also, the Colts are slowly just playing Jacoby Brissett more and more as he becomes their short-yardage specialist.


Two of the Texans' best players got suspended for using performance-enhancing substances but just look at who runs their strength and conditioning...


The Colts need to win this game and are getting a huge piece back on their defense that was so dominant for the first half of the season. Add in that the Texans' best playmaker Will Fuller is out for the rest of the season I don't see the Texans covering or winning this game. Trust the Colts to get back on track.

Colts -3.5 (+105)

Las Vegas Raider at New York Jets



The Raiders shit the bed last week and a lot of the blame is on Derek Carr's small hands, as he felt like fumbled the football on every other play last week. The Raiders' defense is bad and when their offense doesn't show up it's a big problem for the Raiders. Josh Jacobs out this week it will be interesting how much the Raiders lean on the run with Devonte Booker.


The Jets don't want to win this game but they could. Much like the Bengals, the Jets are getting frisky at the perfect time to ruin other team's playoff hopes with a big upset win. The Jets playmakers are finally healthy but with Adad Gase still, head coach you can't expect much even in his hyperdrive offense.


The Raiders need to win this game but the team is reeling at the worst possible time. While I do think the Raiders will win, their defense can't stop anyone and the Jets have some skill to put points on the board. Raiders win but the Jets cover.

Jets +8 (-115)

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons



Taysom Hill is QB power running the Saints to victories right now. The defense is healthy and it is good but will be put to the test this week. The Saints struggle with consistency at times but are starting to peak. Will this be the week they cool off?


The Falcons destroyed the Raiders. The defense was rushing the QB, forcing fumbles, and shut down everything the Raiders tried to do last week. The Falcons never have a problem moving the ball and both Julio and Todd Gurley are expected to play this week.


It was just two weeks ago that the Saints took down the Falcons 24-9, the only difference is Julio might be healthy? Taysom Hill continues to get more comfortable behind center and that's bad news for the Falcons. The Saints defense is just too good right now and is used to playing in a dome. Saints take down the Falcons as road favorites.

Saints +3 (+105)

Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings



Mike Glennon is starting at QB for Jaguars right now. Now while it's funny to have a human Giraffe at QB it doesn't usually lead to success on the football field. The Jaguars fired their GM last week and well on their way to setting up for a bunch of high draft picks this year.


Is Kirk Cousins clutch? Kirk leads a game-winning drive in the fourth quarter as the Vikings had an epic comeback against the Panthers last week. The Vikings offense can put up points in bunches with their WR core and Dalvin Cook at RB. The real problem has been their defense.


The Jaguars' strength right now is running the ball with undrafted super rookie James Robinson. The Vikings are not very good at stopping the run as they are currently bottom 10 in the League. While I do think the Vikings can kill the Jaguars in this game I don't think it ends up being more than 10 points. Jaguars keep it close enough.

Jaguars +10 (-110)

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