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Thurs... Tuesday Night Football Odds, Preview, and Prediction!

The Baltimore Ravens are reeling and are on the verge of going from one of the most dominant teams in the NFL last regular season to missing the playoffs altogether. The one thing the Ravens were known for last year was absolute stomping terrible teams and that's exactly what the Dallas Cowboys are. But the Cowboys do have some good players at the skill positions and the Ravens offense hasn't exactly been putting up points like they did last year. Can the Dallas Cowboys kill the Baltimore Ravens season? Let's break it down!

Dallas Cowboys at Baltimore Ravens



The Cowboys at 3-8 are only 2 games out of first place in their division and a spot in the playoffs. In reality, though the Cowboys are a very bad team, and most of the players are just playing for a spot on the team next year. The defense has kind of sort of learned Mike Nolan's defense but it hasn't mattered as the defensive system has been terrible. All the pressure is on Andy Dalton and Cowboys playmakers to put points. The WR core has been able to make plays when the passes are accurate but Zeke Eliott, on the other hand, must be full, because he has not been eating much this year in regards to his rushing yards and TDs. Zeke must feast if the Cowboys want to keep this game close and or win.


The Sky is Falling for the Baltimore Ravens and the last couple of games have not been pretty. Some of it is injuries, some of it is Covid-19 but overall the Ravens have not been the same team as last year. The Ravens do welcome back a bunch of their best players as QB Lamar Jackson, RB JK Dobbins, DT Brandon Williams and DE Calais Campbell are all back from injury/covid. Lamar Jackson and the offense need to get on the same page as this is not a game the Ravens can lose if they have any aspirations of making the playoffs.


A major factor in this game will be the Ravens' D-line vs the Cowboys' O-line. It's no secret the Cowboys have struggled all year blocking for whoever is at QB and Zeke and to make things worse the Ravens are getting back all their playmakers on their D-line for this game. While the Ravens offense has not been good for most of the season, the defense has been dominant when healthy and can put points on the board themselves against almost any team. The Cowboys are going to force the ball to Zeke early and often like they usually do and with no blocking, he is not going to go far. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mike McCarthy and Cowboys be down by three touchdowns before they realize they should probably stop running the ball against a stacked box on first and second down. The Ravens rebound in this game and take it to the Cowboys early and often.

Ravens -9 (-105)


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