• Vinny

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Boston Bruins Odds, Prediction, and Picks!

Game time kicks off Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 at 2:30 pm.



Lightning on Point

The Tampa Bay lightning looked very good for most of their first-round robin game until overtime, where they looked a bit tired in their first real game in over four months. I had two major takeaway from their tightly contested shootout win over the capitals. Number 1; Brayden Point is fully healed from hip surgery and a game-changer with his speed. Number 2; Andrei Vasilevskiy is still one of the best goalies in the NHL and saved the Lightning in OT and the shootout. With Stamkos still out, Point will have to step up again if they are going to win.

Tuukka is Back

Tuukka Rask coming off a COVID-19 scare, which was found out to just be a cough is now healthy and back starting in goal for the Boston Bruins. This is good news because as Brad Marchand predicted to "Expect sloppy hockey," the Boston Bruins have lived up to that statement. Boston has played two games in the Bubble and has two 4-1 loses to show for it. The fourth-month layoff has seemed to affect the Bruins more than any other team as, majority of their top players like Pastrnak, Rask, and Marchand have all looked very rusty since returning. The Bruins were the best team in Hockey before COVID-19 and they need to find that old form in the last two round-robin games or it could be back to back years that the President trophy team is swept in the first round.


Anytime two of the best teams in the NHL faceoff it sets up for a very exciting game. Both these teams love to counter-attack, so both Tuukka Rask and Vasilevskiy (not yet confirmed) will have to stand on their head. I expect the game will be closer than Bostons last two-games as they continue to get back to mid-season form. Tuukka tho looked shakey in the exhibition game and can't see him being much better in this game after having to deal with his COVID-19 scare. Lightning the team in form take this one ....unless for some season Curtis McElhinney gets the start (then Smash Boston Moneyline).


In the Pick'em game take Lightning Moneyline(-110)