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NFL 1 PM Game Odds, Preview, and Picks!

It's time for you to start preparing for the upcoming weeks. Saturday NFL football is coming and it's coming fast. Be ready for next Saturday when your wife asks you to go to Costco at the worst possible time during the game and you say "I can't the games on" and she replies with "I thought the games are on Sundays". I hoping that you will spend the week preparing lines to save yourself from that exact situation. I recommend you go for the bluff and say "oh no sorry they got moved to Saturday this week, we can go tomorrow". We all know she has planned this Costco trip in her head all week and will most likely just go by herself on Saturday but for those unlucky few that this does not work, just think current you are watching NFL on Saturday, and future you can worry about going to Costco during NFL Sunday... Thats Next week though so we got time. Let's get into week 13 picks!

Dallas Cowboys at Cincinnati Bengals



Revenge game of a lifetime for Andy Dalton, It's the first time in the history of the NFL that a ginger QB is taking on his former team with orange as one of their main colors. Realistically Andy Dalton is probably quite pissed off after the Bengals decided to end his solid tenure with the team benched him and then cut him. The Dallas offense started to show life in the Ravens game as Zeke Elliot had his first good game since the Dak injury and the WR core continues to make plays when the ball is in their hands. The defense is hurting though as almost everyone is injured in the secondary and last week the Ravens set a franchise record for rushing yards in a game...


The Bengals without Joe Burrow have been "starvin for points" the last two weeks. Brandon Allen has played two and a half-game for the Bengals and still has under 300 yards passing... The Bengals will also be without two of their top 4 WRs with both Tee Higgins and Auden Tate out for this game. The defense has been impressive against the pass this year but some of that may due to a complete inability to stop the run.


Andy Dalton may actually be the best QB in this game and that hasn't been said much over the past two years. Brandon Allen and the Bengals' offense is dreadful but will have a perfect bounce-back spot against the suspect Dallas Cowboys defense. The main problem is Bengals' defense is just as bad and Zeke is starting to look like his old self. I see the Cowboys running the ball and forcing the Bengals to adjust. Cowboys finally get back into the win column and take down the Bengals.

Cowboys -3 (-110)

Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants



The Cardinals are ice cold and currently rocking a three-game losing streak. Teams have started to figure out how to contain Kyler Murrary's running ability, forcing him to make plays with his arm. Other than offensive adjustments the Cardinals are having to deal with a major weakness in their run defense, which is currently 28th in the NFL.


Are the Giants a good NFL team? Well, maybe bun the one thing we do know is that their defense is very good and that has been on full display during their 4 game win streak. The run game has surprisingly has taken off with RB Wayne Gallman and QB Daniel Jones who may be the fastest white QB of all time unless it's a clear 70-yard touchdown. LB Blake Martinez is the only major injury as he has been a rock in the middle of the Giants defense but could be out for this game.


These two teams are streaking in completely different directions but both teams will have their playoff hopes on the line. The Giants' ability to win all comes down to their offense as their defense has proved time and time again that it can limit the other team's points. The Cardinals swiss cheese rush defense has allowed the opposing teams to control the game flow and with how well the Giants have been running the ball lately, that trend is likely to continue. This game has a makeup of a tightly contested game, so get your value and take the Giants plus the points.

Giants +2.5 (-105)

Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers



The Broncos and defensive guru Vic Fangio continue to somehow keep the majority of their games close, even without half their team on the field. The Broncos are losing another key piece to their defense as starting CB AJ Bouye was suspended for PED use. Drew Lock might have the most swagger in the NFL... Unfortunately, that has not translated to good QB play as he continues to throw the football like it's not possible for the other team to pick it off. If you are wondering he has 7 int's in the last three games.


Everyone knew McCaffrey. was not going to be able to match his super season from last year but this season is taking to a new level as he continues to pick up injuries and miss games. On top of McCaffrey being out the Panthers are dealing with multiple covid cases as star WR DJ Moore will out of this game due to covid. The Panther defense has been average recently, which is actually an improvement as it was terrible to start the season. They did allow Kirk Cousins to score a game-winning TD in the fourth in their last game which must hurt the team morale a lot but coming off a bye hopefully it's an afterthought.


Two teams that love keep it close and both just playing for pride at this point in the season. The Panthers have some playmakers on defense and that does not bode well for Drew Lock's love for turning the ball over. Even with Moore and McCaffrey out, the Panthers have firepower on offense and the Broncos can only survive so long without any of their star players on defense. Panthers bounce back off the bye and take this one.

Panthers -3.5 (-110)

Minnesota Vikings at Tampa Bay Buccaneers



LB Eric Kendricks, TE Kyle Rudolph, RB Alexander Mattison are all out on Sunday, and coming off an almost loss to Jaguars in OT that's not good news. Dalvin Cook averaged 3.8 yards-per-carry against the Jaguars as the Vikings' offensive line continues to be one of the worst in the NFL. The Vikings defense gave up 24 points to Mike Glennon... that's not good.


The Bucs have been a mess all season long. The team its self has the skill to make a Super Bowl run but the chemistry and play-calling have not caught up to the skill on the roster. Coming off a bye it could finally be all systems go for the Bucs on both sides of the ball.


The Vikings like to run the ball but the Buccaneers are very good at stopping the run. With Dalvin Cook most likely limited in this game, all the pressure is on Kirk Cousins. Cousins vs Tom Brady, who are you going to take? Bucs of the bye with Tom Brady and all his offensive playmakers. Smash the Bucs at home.

Buccaneers -7 (-105)

Tennesse Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars



The Titans defense can't stop anyone at this point, so unless Derrick Henry switches to linebacker the Titans are probably going to have a hard time stopping the other team. Offensively the Titans have taken a huge step backward as they are way too reliant on the run, putting themselves in third down and long time after time. The Titans currently in the playoffs can't lose games to Jags with the season on the line.


Mike Glennon QB1? Glennon is showing why he has stuck around on NFL rosters for so long, as he's not good but he's not terrible. The Jags have talent on offense with WR Chark, WR Shenault, and RB James Robinson. The defense has gone from terrible to not so terrible and this combined with the offense has allowed Jags to keep most games close.


The Titans need this win to stay atop of the division and the Jags are not a very good team. The Titans' defense is just so bad and with there no signs of improvement it's very hard to see the Titans pulling away from any team. The Jags have been able to run the ball all season long and with Glennon, the passing offense has picked up. I don't see the Titans losing this game but I also don't see them winning by over a touchdown lead. Take the Jags to cover the points.

Jaguars +7.5 (-115)

Kansas City Chiefs at Miami Dolphins



The Chiefs seem like they have just been playing with teams all season long. They just seem like they just wait as long as they want then just put as many points as they need to win the game. The main reason they can do this other than having Patrick Mahomes at QB is the defense, as overall, this team might be better than the one that won the Super Bowl last year.


The Dolphins are good and bad at the same time. The defense and team performance has been impressive all season long but recently the offense has been in shambles as Tua has Ryan Fitzpatrick watching over his shoulder waiting to get in the game. The Dolphins have one of the hardest schedules in the NFL to end the season and will truly be put to the test.


The Dolphins even though they won their last two have been on a downward trend in terms of their performances in the game. The Chiefs rope-a-dope style will fail them eventually as there will be a lead that they can't come back from. That game is not today, as the Dolphins offensive struggles bite them in the ass the Chiefs pull away in this game.

Chiefs -7 (-115)

Houston Texans at Chicago Bears



The Texans have one of the best QBs in the NFL in Deshaun Watson and if it wasn't for an errant snap could have taken down the Colts last week. The Texans even without star WR Will Fuller proved they can still put points on the board and will have to do it without RB David Johnson this week. The Texans have the 4th worst defense in the NFL and just ready for the season to be over.


The Bears blew a lead to the Lions who were without their top RB and WR. The Bears as a franchise are in disarray and no matter who starts at QB they can't win games right now. The defense seems like it is starting to lose steam as they have had to carry the team all season long. The 5 and 1 Bears are long gone and the Bears are searching for any sense of pride to finish the season.


Both teams are a mess as it comes down to a terrible Bears offense vs a Terrible Texans defense. It's a battle of the 2017 NFL draft as it's Watson vs Trubisky. Now it's quite obvious which one of those QBs you would want on your roster and but thankfully for Trubisky, he is backed by a very good defense. The Bears put points on the board last week and will only need a few stops to take over this game. Trust the Bears defense to keep close and Trubisky to do just enough to get the win.

Bears Moneyline +110

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