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Stars Rule the NHL!

The Dallas Stars will face off against the Colorado Avalanche tonight in game 6 of the series. The Stars up 3-2 in the series can end the Stanley Cup Favourite Avalanche's playoff run.


The Avalanche come into this one as slight favourites after an impressive game 5 victory on Monday night to stave off elimination.


Third String's the Charm

Michael Hutchinson, Colorado's third-string goalie who had a .895 save percentage this year started game 5 in the second round of the NHL playoffs and did not lose. Now Colorado did score 5 goals for him in the first and honestly, I don't know Dallas even got a shot on net during the first period but I can't see be Dallas being that bad two games in a row. You can't rely on Hutchinson to win this game, for Colorado to win this game they will need score....Thankfully they have Boss Level Mackinnon and Kadri scoring at will.

Nap Times Over

The Dallas Stars sucked in the first period of game 5. Star goalie Ben Bishop was finally back and starting in goal but then, everyone was sleeping during the first period and the Stars allowed five goals. Dallas is playing against a third-string goalie in the other net, they simply have to not give up five Goals and they should be favoured to win the game. There major concerns for the stars. First, who do they start in net? Bishop is obviously the better goalie but looked just a bit rusty in game 5 after his injury layoff. Secondly, is the Hot Streak over? Something happened to Dallas during the Calgary series, as they went from averaging 2 goals a game to close to 5 and you have to hope they don't go back to not being able to score.


Mackinnon will get a point, and Kadri will probably score, but I don't see how Dallas plays as bad as they did last game. I see the Stars going back to Bishop in net and throwing as many pucks as they possibly can at Hutchinson. Both those things are not good news for the Avalanche as a goalie with a .895 save percentage in net does not usually lead to many wins and they already somehow got one. I think Mackinnon will keep it close but the disadvantage in the net is just too much.


Look for Dallas to close out this series in game 6 and take the Stars Moneyline (even).


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