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Rams vs Patriots Thursday Night Football Game Odds, preview, and picks!

Thank the Lord Jesus himself, we have a prime time football game that I am actually excited to watch. Not all the blame can be put on the NFL with covid, but how many times can I watch the Dallas Cowboys give up 2 million rushing yards in prime time before I force myself to start watching baseball. The answer is never! But, either way, it's two elite coaches taking each other on in the rematch of Super Bowl 53. Will Jared Goff Shit his pants again? Let's break it down!

New England Patriots at Los Angeles Rams



For how bad the Patriots have been at times during the season, they are starting to get hot at just the right time and are in the mix for a playoff spot. Coming off a dominant performance versus the Chargers, Bill Belichick in classic Belichick form has somehow figured out how to get the most of a team filled with no names and rookies. The Patriots do still have some star players that haven't opted out this year or left the team with the most important one being QB Cam Newton. Newton still has an elite rushing ability for QB but this season his passing ability has dropped off dramatically. Now by no means does Cam have to throw 300 yards plus a game for the Patriots to win, but he will have to start to make those timely throws when running the ball isn't an option.


The last time the Rams played the Patriots was in Super Bowl 53 and the combo of QB Jared Goff and young guru coach Sean Mcvay put up a laughable 3 points in a 13 to 3 loss. The offense is arguably less potent now than it was in 2019 as the Rams have morphed into an elite defensive team that controls the clock by running the football. The Rams still have offensive weapons but have lost games this year mainly when Jared Goff goes into Super Bowl mode, turns the ball over, and forgets how to score points. The recent emergence of rookie RB Cam Akers could change this though as all the pressure could be taken off Goff and force the Patriots to react to the heavy play action. The Rams defense has been elite but it will be interesting tonight how they handle a team in the Patriots that forces opposing defense to play heavy set football.


Both teams like to control the football and the game by running the football down the other team's throat. One team though has a bottom 10 rush defense in the NFL and that team in the New England Patriots. Rookie RB Cam Akers finally healthy and full grasp of the playbook was let loose last week against the Cardinals. Akers is clearly the most skilled runner on the team, and if the Patriots can't stop him and get behind early, it could be a problem. Cam Newton has had a hard time throwing the ball this year and has been tossing interceptions left, right, and center. This is a very talented Rams defense and pair that with the offense starting to roll, I don't think even Mastermind Bill Belichick has a plan tonight that will save the patriots. Patriots playoff hype train comes to a halt. Goff does not shit his pants.

Rams -4.5 (-115)