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NFL is the Cure to Covid-19!

For most, I can assume the last couple of months have been quite weird and very disappointing. Whether it was being stuck inside (not too different for most sports fans), March Madness getting canceled, or just having to adapt and watch sports in a bubble nothing about Covid-19 life has been normal. But that is all about to change with the NFL being back and starting when it's actually supposed to...in September. Now there are limited fans and there were no preseason games but you probably won't be thinking about either of those things when the clock hits 8:20 pm tonight. You'll start feeling your heartbeat speed up, your hands sweatier than normal as you clasp them together and lean forward in your chair to get a better view of the TV because football is back and you may or may not have put next months rent on the over five minutes before the game started. Lets breakdown the first game of the season!


Kansas City Chief, the reigning Superbowl Champs are heavy favorites coming in the first game of the season.


The Houston Texans' current total base salary for all the wide receivers on their roster is 26 million. Deandre Hopkins new contract extension on the Cardinals 27 million...

For people that are not aware, the Texans traded Deandre Hopkins to the Cardinals for David Johnson and brought in Brandon Cooks and Randall Cobb to replace him. Now I understand not wanting to pay Hopkins what he ended up getting from the Cardinals but we will have to find out if their receiving core can produce without him. In 2016 David Johnson was arguably the best running back in the NFL, in 2020 David Johnson is ...... "What Mom?... Yes, I'll take out the trash." He's averaged 3.6 and 3.7 yards-per-carry over the past two years, so we will see if he has anything left or if its time to take him out with the trash. The Chiefs were bottom 10 against the run last year and top 10 against the pass, so on paper, the matchup is not favorable for the Texans' current offensive strengths. The Texans also field a bottom 10 defense against both the run and pass and did not do much to address that in the offseason. Thankfully for the Texans' they still have Deshaun Watson and he has the ability to single handily will them to victories.

Is it possible the Kansas City Chiefs offense got better this year? Enter rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire who the Chiefs selected 32 overall in the first round. Damien Williams 2019 starting RB who opted out, is by no means a bad running back but Edwards-Helaire is just that much better. Coming off his own championship in college he was a star at LSU and has showcased his elite ability to both run and catch the ball out of the backfield. The Cheifs also field the best player in the NFL at QB in Patrick Mahomes, who doesn't turn 25 until next week and has not even reached his prime. Add in the Chiefs other offensive stars WR Tyreek Hill and TE Travis Kelce it could be a long night for the Texans defense. It's not all positives for the Chiefs coming into the season as they still have trouble pressuring the QB, are not very good against the run, and add those two together still very susceptible to play action. To start the season the Cheifs will also be without starting cornerback Bashaud Breeland due to suspension for four games and the Texans should benefit from that tonight.


The last time there was a shortened offseason 73% of the overs hit, Chiefs put 28 points per game last year and might be better this year, and both defenses are set up to struggle on Thursday......please don't think just smash a couple of units on the over 53.5(-105).

The Cheifs were 1-4 last year against the top 12 rushing attacks and 11-0 against everyone else. David Johnson averaged 3.7 yards-per-carry last year, take the Chiefs Moneyline(-460) and parlay it with the over if you want to get some great value.


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