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NFL Early Games Odds, Preview and Predictions!

I honestly don't know if it's winter, fall, Thanksgiving, or Christmas as staying inside due to the Covid regulations has really made calendars obsolete. Plus who even needs to check the weather, you can't even do anything outside without a gigantic mask covering your face. But through all this, the one day I know and look forward to is Sunday. Sunday Football is most likely keeping the world afloat, so let's not waste any more time and get into the games!

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints


Atlanta Falcons

Don't look now but the Falcons are hot but like in it is your cousin kind of way, as their record still sits at 3-6 on the season. The team has looked better as of late in regards to it has been two games in a row that they haven't allowed the other team to have a record-breaking comeback.

New Orleans Saints

Tayson Hill will make his first career start on Sunday with Drew Brees out with a rib injury. Tayson Hill a BYU alum is very skilled in the art of saving himself until he is ready, but there is still a chance that Hill the Virgin starter blows his load early and we see Jameis Winston in the game.


This game is quite the wildcard as the Saints are truly an elite team but without Brees, they turned to Taysom Hill, not Jameis Winston. If the Falcons were the elite team, we have been hoping they would become they would win this game with ease, but they are not. Don't fall for the Falcons' tease, as the spread will probably get smaller and smaller but the Saints overall are just too good and whoever goes at QB will be enough for them to win this one.

Saints -3.5 (-110)

Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Football Team


Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow will get three offensive line starters back for this game and that will be huge considering he has been a human tackling dummy for most of the year. Burrow will come into this game with some significant motivation as well, with Kyle Trask beating his record most SEC TD passes through 7 games. We all know he checked Twitter, saw that, and is going to say "fuck Kyle Trask" after every TD he throws today.

Washington Football Team

Even though I continue to say it, I still don't believe it but... Zombie Leg Alex Smith is the starting QB for the Washinton Football team. Since Smith has become the starter, only the Bengals have thrown the ball more and while it hasn't led to much success it's definitely more fun to watch.


In the battle of bottom feeders, you have to think the game-breaking match up is the Bengals o-line vs Washington's d-line. Three healthy starters back on the o-line and a mobile QB in Burrow I think will be more than enough for the Bengals to move the ball consistently and put up points. Washinton doesn't have an offense that can pull away from many teams, so don't overthink this one and take whatever points you can get.

Bengals +1 (even)

New England Patriots at Houston Texans


New England Patriots

The Patriots utilized a heavy run game and rainstorm to upset the Ravens last week. While I don't think it can be proven, I wouldn't be surprised if the Patriots paid mother nature to give them the advantage. Either way, the offense has figured things out and if they can ever do the same thing to the defense, watch out.

Houston Texans

Speaking of mother nature games, the Texans could not handle the shitstorm weather in Cleveland and lost a close one 10-7. The offense has a lot of weapons but has not been able to consistently put up points and with their defense, they will need to figure out how to better utilize their skilled WR's.


The Patriots own the Texans and are getting hot at just the right time. Now I don't know if the Pats will be able to dominate the Texans but I see the Patriots utilizing the Run and pounding the rock on a weak Houston run defense. Patriots control the time of possession and the game.

Patriots -2 (-110)

Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens


Tennessee Titans

Thankfully for the Titans, their game was on a Thursday night so most people have forgotten about them getting manhandled by Philip Rivers and the Colts. The Titans have a strong offense with playmakers at every position but their o-line is holding them back right now. The defense is having trouble pressuring the QB and with Jadveon Clowney put on IR it's only going to get worse.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens aren't as lucky as the Titans as their prime time ass-whooping is fresh on everyone's mind. Now the Ravens' loss wasn't as bad as the Titans but they did get run all over which almost no one has done to them all season long. The Ravens' d-line is still dealing with injuries and will have to rely on Lamar Jackson and the run game to lead the team to victory.


The Titans defense has struggled for most of the year and the Ravens defense is currently very vulnerable with all the injuries on the d-line. This game is going to come down to Lamar Jackson vs Ryan Tannehill and who can be more effective. Lamar hasn't been at MVP level so far this year, but he will have a lot of time and space to make plays on Sunday against the lackluster Titans defense. Where Tenehil will most likely be running for his life, as an injured offensive line could be without two more starters and that's not good news. Trust the Ravens to get their playoff loss revenge and take this one.

Ravens -6 (-110)

Philadephia Eagles At Cleveland Browns


Philadephia Eagles

The Eagles have been dealing with injuries on offense all season long but last week almost everyone was back and they still lost. The Eagles do have the opportunity to become an explosive offense with Reagor and Sanders healthy... The only thing holding them back is the Ginger Gunslinger Carson Wentz who has been nowhere near the elite Qb everyone saw during their Super Bowl run.

Cleveland Browns

Fuck Nick Chubb, just go in the endzone. You weren't going to lose that game if you scored and you just screwed over everyone that took the Browns last week. The Browns were able to control the shit weather game as they were back in full form with Chubb and Kareem Hunt running all over everyone. The Browns were fighting covid this week and suffered a huge loss as defensive star Myles Garrett is out of the game as he is on the Covid-19 list.


The Browns have been able to dominate games with their run game and Myles Garrett making big plays on defense. But Myles Garrett is out, and the defense will most likely struggle to consistently pressure Carson Wentz. Wentz and his newly healthy weapons had another week of practice and will only continue to develop more chemistry as the season goes on. The Browns defensive shortcomings without superstar Myles Garrett will be on full display and the Eagles will take advantage to upset the home favorite in the Browns.

Eagles +2.5 (-110)

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