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NFL 1 pm Game Betting Picks!

I would just like to let you know that unlike the Baltimore Ravens and most of the NFL right now this article is 100% covid-19 free and you can feel safe ready it. Let's not waste any time and get into picks.

Raiders at Falcons


This is the Raiders' game to lose. With both Todd Gurley and Julio jones out of this game I expect the Raiders to run all over the Falcons and control this game.

Raiders -3.5 (-115)

Cardinals at Patriots


Both teams have had an up and down season, so it is hard to predict which team will show up. But the Cardinals' offense is just too explosive and chasing points has not been the Patriots' strong suit all season long.

Cardinals -1.5 (-105)

Panthers at Vikings


Dalvin Cook has carried this Vikings Team all season long and has a juicy matchup against the run defense of the Panthers. Teddy Bridgewater knee revenge game? The Panthers always keep it close and their offense is good enough to match whatever their defense gives up. Take the Panthers and the points.

Panthers +3 (-110)

Browns at Jaguars


Mike Glennon is starting. So the Browns should win this game but will the cover is the question. The Browns' defense is missing key players but the Jags are just so bad. Look for the Browns to keep in simple and run the ball for a 10 plus point win. I can't put my money on Long Neck Mike Glennon.

Browns -7.5 (-105)

Dolphins at Jets


Ryan Fitzpatrick will not let us down. Dolphins win big it's as simple as that.

Dolphins -7.5 (-105)

Titans at Colts


The Titans were in control last game before their punter and o-line blew the game for them. I can't trust the Colts to be consistently dominant. Take the Titans' revenge and the points.

Titans +3 (-120)

Giants at Bengals


I don't know if the Bengals forgot they have Joe Burrown or are just tanking to get him better players. The Giants' defense is strong this year and everyone is out for the Bengals...Trust the Giants and Daniel Jones. Gulp.

Giants -6.5 (-115)

Chargers at Bills


This game has two of the best young QBs in the NFL and the Chargers get the return of their star RB off IR. I believe the Bills will win but the Chargers are a good team despite their inability to clutch up in games. Take the Chargers to keep it close and possibly win.

Chargers +4.5 (-115)


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