• Vinny

Monday Meltdown! August 3rd, 2020

This a weekly segment, that I will be putting out every Monday to go over some major sporting events in the past week of sports. Think of it as a time to point out scapegoats and people that we can blame for ruining our perfectly placed bets that should have no way lost.

Leafs Letdown

Let's rip the bandaid off for the first one, as I can assume the picture below depicts what most Leafs fans will look like at work on Monday.

The bettor's consensus was 71% on the side of the Leafs winning, so it was a rough night for most. The worst part though was the way they lost, as they did not play badly by any means but rather one perfectly placed shot by Cam Atkinson early in the third allowed classic Columbus to come out. No more forecheck, not many people past center ice and whole lot of pucks flipped high in the air out the zone. It is not very fun to watch especially if you are Leafs fan and you can feel the playoff demons of the past coming back into your body after just game one. Jack Campbell?

Why is the NBA playing...

Why is the NBA playing regular-season games right now and not just skipping straight to the playoffs? The answer to that question was supposed to be Zion Williamson but through two games Alvin Gentry has only played him 29 minutes.

A lot of the blame can probably goto David Griffin but no matter whose fault it is, it has made the Pelicans very unpredictable to bet on. A great example of this is when they big blew a lead against the Jazz with Zion just watching from the bench. I know for fact the next time bet against the Pelicans, Gentry will play Zion 40 plus minutes and he carries them to the win. The forced Zion 8 game extended regular season has also lead to a bunch of teams playing almost meaningless games, as minor playoff seeding aside most teams are just trying to stay healthy and get back into game shape, which is not too fun for betting purposes.

Mike Smith Still Sucks

This is a very personal one, as I was sure the Oilers would win game one against the Blackhawks. This was before Dave 'donkey brain' Tippett thought it was a good idea to start Mike Smith, a goalie with a .902 save percentage..... over Mikko Koskinen who had the best year of his career and looked like he had finally adapted to the NHL game. Oilers shakey d-zone aside, always wait for the starting goalie to be announced before you bet.... as you can't trust anyone especially Dave Tippett to make the easiest of the easy decisions.

Golden Boy Beatdown Edmen Shahbazyan was an undefeated 22-year-old UFC prospect on the verge of becoming a star coming into his fight against Derek Brunson on Saturday. But Edmen a heavy favourite to win the fight ended up looking a lot more like his manger Ronda Rousey at the end of her career in the video below. (please watch it is too good not to.)

Edmen had only been past the first round once in his 11 career fights and it showed in the second and third round, let's just say Edmen 'The Golden Boy' got his ass beat. Brunson has fought the best of the best in his division and since recently changing fight camps has regained his old form. UFC odds are based a lot on recency bias and oh boy was Saturday a reminder of that for all bettors who bet on the "hot" prospect in Edmen.