• Vinny

Is Tuukka Rask the worst Teammate of all-time?

For those who are unaware of what happened, Boston Bruins starting goalie decided to quit on his team mid playoffs and so he can instead go hang out with his wife and kids.

Now in most situations, statements/decisions like this would widely be accepted by most fans. But this decision came just a day after Rask was quoted saying "It doesn't really feel like playoff hockey out there. There's no fans so it's kinda like playing an exhibition game." So it's bad timing, to say the least.

Worst Teammate of all-time?

Before we can decide if Tuukka is the worst teammate of all time, we first need to look at some other bad teammates in sports history so we can set a baseline.

Guns in the locker room

When you hear guns in the locker room one name should come to mind, and that's Gilbert Arenas. An NBA star known as an in your face aggressive teammate and rumors say he may have liked rookie hazing a bit too much, but definitely the peak of his bad teammate actions is when he brought a handgun into the locker room. To make things worse the whole incident was because of an airplane card game for just $1,100...Gilbert's salary was almost 17 million that year, maybe just a bit petty.

Bully on the O-line

Richie Incognito our second bad teammate has been accused of spitting on players, fighting during practice, and just recently throwing a dumbbell at another person in a gym in 2018. So for the most part it's not a huge surprise that some people found him to be considered a bad teammate, especially if your name is Johnathan Martin. As Richie was accused by Martin of Bullying him while they were teammates on the Miami Dolphins. The report stated that martin was subject to "a pattern of harassment" that included racial slurs and vicious sexual taunts about his mother and sister by three teammates. I am sure Richie's mom and sister jokes were quite funny but um Johnathan Martin hated them so much he quit the Dolphins and years later posted a picture of a gun on his Instagram tagging Richie Incognito...


So is Tuukka Rask the worst teammate of all-time? Has he even pulled a handgun on any of his teammates? No, so that's a good start for him as guns in the locker room are usually bad. Has he fought or bullied any of his teammates into a psych ward? Also no, two for two he might not be a bad teammate. Has he ever quit mid-Stanley cup playoffs just a day after saying the games don't feel real? ahh so close, he has done this.

Test failed. We all know playoff success is worth more than anything in regards to the best and worst of all-time. Tuukka quit mid playoffs and therefore has passed both Gilbert Arenas and Richie Incognito to become the Worst Teammate of all-time!