• Vinny

Flyers and Islanders hate scoring

Game Odds

The Flyers are the "number 1" seed in the eastern conference but are only slight favourites in game one vs the fifth-seeded New York Islanders.


Defense wins championships?

As history has shown us in the past, to win in the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs a lot of the time solid team defense outweighs high octane offense. Whether it was the early Ovechkin Washinton Capitals era or even as recent as last year's upset of the high scoring Tampa Bay lightning, defense matters especially with how tight the games are in the playoffs. For both these teams that is great news, as they are 1 and 2 in goals against in the playoffs so far this year. Neither of these teams is exactly cup favourites but hey at least they got the low goals against going thing going for them.

Battle of the Goalies

Both these teams have been solid defensively during the regular season and the playoffs with one of the main reasons being the play in net.

The Wife Beater

Ok, so Semyon Varlamov did win his lawsuit in 2013 and in eyes of the law did not commit any domestic violence.

But just look how good his stats in the bubble are, there is no way can you tell me that his improved stats are not somewhat related to there being no females in the bubble to exhaust his backhand. Either way, he is on the top of his game and will be very in the game.

King of Snapchat

In the Flyers net, they got the up and coming superstar and avid Snapchat user Cart Hart. Known screenshoter the young 22-year-old goalie Hart has been very good in first taste of the playoffs. He will be the best the goalie the Islanders have faced so far in the playoffs and will really put their scoring ability to the test.


If the first two rounds of games were any indication make sure you avoid the Over in game one, as these two teams will look to continue to keep it tight-checking as they feel each other out. The Flyers finished off their last series strong and have looked very impressive in the round-robin, but for the majority of the Montreal, series struggled mightily with the speed and pressure of the Canadiens. The Islanders, on the other hand, have looked very impressive in both of their playoff series and led by Anthony Beauvillier have shown the critics(including me) that they actually can score no matter how boring they are to watch. Philly had a tough time scoring and dealing with Montreal's speed and I see the Islanders as a better version of that same tight-checking aggressive style.


Take the Islanders Moneyline at (-105) and don't you dare touch the over no matter how many beers you have before the game.