• Vinny

Donald Trump promises Logan Couture...

For you, those who are unaware of this tweet by San Jose Sharks captain Logan Couture that was posted and then deleted yesterday.

Salty Sucker Punch

Now while I was not there in Toronto I can only imagine the temper of someone who with just the mention of the name "Donald Trump" brings them to full rage mode to sucker punch someone. Not to mention this is during covid-19 so... they were at least six feet apart and oh ya its a well known NHL player in his hometown. Plus it was in Canada, so its 99% percent chance no one involved can even vote for the President of the United States. So just to break this down, a most likely Canadian citizen who can not vote in the USA heard the name "Donald Trump" and with their face mask on rage jumped an impressive 6 feet to superman sucker punch NHL player Logan Couture.

What Did Donald Trump do?

Now everyone's Trump opinions aside the thing I am curious about is why Logan Couture was talking about him. He is a Canadian citizen so he unable to vote in the US election and him getting sucker-punched was in regard to him talking in favour the of the republican party. Now for Couture to talk in favour of something he really has a minimal direct impact on is very fishy. You have to start to ask, has Trump bribed Logan Couture? And obviously the follow-up question is, what possibly could someone offer Couture who is a multi-millionaire and has everything one could want? Only one thing comes to mind......

......Smaller Teeth