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Cardinals vs 49ers Boxing Day NFL Game Best Bets

The Cardinals are looking to get one step closer to locking up a playoff spot and to do so they will have to take down the Hospital Squad (Iowa) 49ers. Will the CJ Bethard and George Kittle Iowa connection be enough to revive the 49ers' offense or will the Cardinals continue their late-season surge?

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals



George Kittle is back! For the 49ers fans, this is probably the most excitement you have felt in a while. Kittle is a superstar and with Mullen out for the season his old Iowa teammate CJ Bethard will throwing him the ball. The defense has started to run out of gas in recent weeks as it has been running on fumes all season long with all the hospital visits. Will the newly signed Josh Rosen get some playing time in his first opportunity at a revenge game vs the Cardinals who ditched him for Kyler Murray.


The Cardinals have been up and down all season, with a lot of that due to Kliff Kingsbury's playcalling being very questionable in the second half of games. Kliff has not been known as a winning coach even at the college level and will have to continue to adapt as teams learn how to contain Kyler Murrary and force him to beat them in other ways. The defense has been stepping up as late with Hassan Reddick still being a major problem for whoever is behind center for the other team.


The Cardinals have everything to lose as they are focusing on locking up one of the last remaining playoff spots. The 49ers are a complete wildcard as their team continues to deal with injuries and missing players. Third-string QB CJ Bethard went 5-7 for 100 yards and a TD and will get George Kittle back this week. The problem... it was against the Dallas defense and he has been very underwhelming in all his other starting opportunities. Look for the Cardinals to stay hot and get one step closer to a playoff spot with a dominant win.

Cardinals -6.5 (-105)