• Vinny

Best Bets for Week 17 NFL Games!!

Week 17 is here and I can expect much of you are as sad as I am that the NFL season is over. No matter how much money you won or lost this year the saddest time of the year is always when the season ends. To get through today I decided to chug a full beer every time they show that nerdy bitch ass playoff percentage nerd on the TV. I miss the old days before nerd boy when they use to just show us who is in the hunt for playoffs and not complicate things win percentage and scenarios. Just give me Terry Bradshaw trying to break down who needs to win and lose for the Colts to make the playoffs. Thats prime NFL TV. Let's forget nerd boy for now and get into NFL week 17's best bets.

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals


JK Dobbins (BAL) Over 69.5 Rushing Yards (-118)

We have been waiting for Dobbins season all year long, as the explosive RB has finally passed both Mark Ingram and Gus Bus in the depth chart. Dobbins has hit 70 yards in three of his last 5 games and against the Bengals bogus run defense, he is set up to hit 70 yards with ease.

Mark Andrews (BAL) Over 49.5 Receiving Yards (-118)

Andrews since coming back from his injury has fully reclaimed his role as the number 1 receiving option in the Ravens' passing attack. He is averaging just under 65 receiving yards per game in the last 5 games and is set up to blow past 50 receiving yards in this game.

Anytime Wincast (Anytime Touchdown Scorer & Money Line) JK Dobbins & Baltimore Ravens (+100)

The Ravens need a win so they can secure their spot in the playoffs without having to hope for the Colts to lose. It's no secret the Ravens are going to run the ball in this game as it's what they do best and it's what the Bengals struggle defending the most. Dobbins has been money around the goal line as of late so trust he will continue to find the endzone with a Ravens win.

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Matt Ryan (ATL) Over 285.5 Passing Yards (-118)

Ryan torched the Bucs defense just two weeks ago for 356 passing yards and add in that the Bucs lost two of their best passing rushing linebackers to covid this week. Matt Ryan will have even more time in the pocket and with limited expected success on the ground, the Falcons will have to throw the ball to stay in the game.

Over 50 (-110)

Raheem Morris is coaching to get the opportunity to be the full-time coach of the Falcons next year and Tom Brady has just been on a revenge tour of late, so expect both teams to try to put up points and win this game like it's the Superbowl.

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants


Cowboys -1.5 (-115)

Do you know what would be so Cowboys? If the Cowboys won this game got a worse draft position and then Washington just beats the Eagles (who are just sitting everyone), so the Cowboys win is meaningless and they still miss the playoffs. Cowboys look good and win this game for no reason.

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills


Anytime TD Scorer Wincast - Myles Gaskin & Buffalo Bills (+300)

The Bills have been pretty secretive about resting starters or not but the rumor is that they want the 2 seed and are going to play for it. So take the Risk the Bills actually play the full game. Gaskin has been the best player for the Dolphins and will get fed every time they get close to the goal line.

Tua Over 224.5 Passing Yards

Tua has only hit on 37.5% of his passing yard overs this year, but a lot of that is to due will being pulled and limited offensive aggressiveness. The Dolphins need to win this game and with no Fitzmagic on the sideline to save them, it is all up to Tua. Expect Tua to finally start chucking in an attempt to keep up with the Bills and even win this game.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns


Jarvis Landry (CLE) Over 4.5 Receptions (-125)

The Steelers resting players does not change that the Browns need to win this game to finally make the playoffs. Jarvis has averaged 7 catches a game in his last 4 and is vital to the Browns passing attack. Look for Jarvis to get about 8 catches for a whopping 53 yards in this game. The PPR god never dies.

Austin Hooper (CLE) Over 35.5 Receiving Yards (-118)

Hooper has always been one of Mayfield's favorite targets and with rookie TE Harrison Bryant out of this game, Hooper could get even more looks at TE. Trust the Browns to move the ball in this vital game.

New York Jets At New England Patriots


Under 30 seconds of air time on Redzone (-100000000)

Not only does this game include two of the worst teams in football this year but it also includes two very inconsistent offenses. Both teams are just ready for the season to end so that the Jets can fire all their coaches, and the Patriots can find a QB who excels at throwing the football. On a positive note for those watching this game, it will be an all-time battle of head coach face zoom between Belichick and Gase.

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions


Deandre Swift Over 57.5 Rushing Yards (-114)

People may forget because the game was on Christmas day but the Vikings allowed Alvin Kamara to score 6 rushing touchdowns... in one game. The Vikings must not be trying on defense and expect Mike Zimmer to rip out his good eye today as Swift runs all over the Vikings.

Adam Thielen (Min) Over 69.5 Receiving Yards (-114)

I was hoping for the Dalvin Cook game of his life following the passing of his father but rightfully so he is out of this game as he spends time with his family in Miami. The next best thing available is Adam Thielen's revenge game, as every game Thielen plays is a revenge game for being an undrafted white slow WR turned NFL star. Look for Kirk to force the ball to his two WR's with Cook not playing